Carpet Installation Columbus, Ohio

Carpet Installation

You will receive top quality carpet installation from our expert installer with 25 years experience. All carpet is POWER STRETCHED, eliminating the all too common wrinkles that can appear in as little as nine months with Today's low-quality sub-contractors. This professional installation and meticulous attention to detail that you expect and deserve are backed up by a Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee, which applies to ALL customers of Treat For Your Feet, LLC..

Car Replacement Columbus, Ohio

Carpet Replacement

Your carpet plays a vital role in maintaining the fresh look and feel of your home, providing the warmth and comfort that makes it your castle.The low-quality carpet used by builders and sold in retail stores is known as "Builder Grade." Using cheap material and cheap installers allow builders and big box stores to maximize their profits, but leaves you, the paying customer, to fend for yourself in the end. When it's time for carpet replacement, bypass all that mess and GET what you're paying for with Treat For Your Feet. Call (614) 833-2664 and say "Prove It!”..

 Carpet Rug and Repair Columbus, Ohio

Carpet and Rug Repair

Sometimes life catches up with us, and we just need a little "FIX" to get by. Pet got locked in a room and shredded the carpet at the door? The messy spill left a spot that just WON'T be cleaned up? Need to buy a few more years with that wrinkled carpet before the budget allows for replacement? Call Treat For Your Feet. We'll give you honest advice and a reasonable price. No trickery, and no gouging ... PROMISE !Our services are of top-quality and spotless which will provide you with a high-end repairing solution in affordable pricing. Most carpets and rugs show signs of wear or damage at the sides and end commonly known as the cords and fringes. In some..

Carpet Removal Columbus, Ohio

Carpet Removal

There are many reasons why carpet would need to be removed. Sometimes your hardwood beneath is still in condition to be refinished. Other times the decision is to change the area into a hard-surface floor for more durability, or easier cleaning. Then again, it may just be a chance to replace it with fresh, new PROPERLY installed carpet. Removing a carpet is truly a tough task. It involves taking up the carpet and disposing of it. Taking up the pad and disposing of it. Removing the staples, and sometimes even the tack strip, and even the finishing touch of vigorously sweeping the floor. If it makes sense to pay a reasonable amount for the professionals to take care of this for you, call Treat For Your Feet and get fast, efficient, courteous service. Get it done RIGHT the first time!..

Hardwood Floor Installation Columbus, Ohio

Hardwood Floor Installation

Some people just LOVE their hardwood floors! And some homes are just BEGGING for the beauty and ambiance of hardwood and area rugs.If you are a hardwood aficionado, Treat For Your Feet offers excellent solutions which provide high quality, tough durability, and affordable cost; all wrapped up in one easy, free estimate. There's NO salesman, NO pressure ... GUARANTEED ! Just call us to see samples that coordinate, or contrast, with the woods and the colors that make your house a home!..

Stone Tiles Installation Columbus, Ohio

Stone Tiles Installation

Stone tile looks are an exquisite way to showcase floors in kitchens, laundries, entries, or bathrooms. We take pride in coordinating the looks and colors with the existing beauty of your home and to compliment further the style that you have chosen. We have products that solve the problems of cold, hard, tile breakage, grout crumbling, and discoloration. And we will save you $100's along the way! Columbus, Ohio-based Treat for Your Feet, LLC would love to help you by providing a high-end and personalized stone tile installation services in low rates. For the last 25..