Carpet and Rug Repair

Carpet Rug and Repair Columbus, Ohio

Sometimes life catches up with us, and we just need a little "FIX" to get by. Pet got locked in a room and shredded the carpet at the door? The messy spill left a spot that just WON'T be cleaned up? Need to buy a few more years with that wrinkled carpet before the budget allows for replacement? Call Treat For Your Feet. We'll give you honest advice and a reasonable price. No trickery, and no gouging ... PROMISE !

Our services are of top-quality and spotless which will provide you with a high-end repairing solution in affordable pricing. Most carpets and rugs show signs of wear or damage at the sides and end commonly known as the cords and fringes. In some cases, a prevention repair or a weave in some cases should be done as soon as possible to stop further deterioration or unraveling. It also applies to holes or splits as if not restored promptly they will get worse quickly. With regards to stains and color run, we can help by offering a hidden stain and color run removal services.We are specialized in an excellent standard of invisible mending and reweaving big and small holes from your carpets and rugs.